Project Description

LDI, Low Dose Immunotherapy, is an innovative type of desensitization therapy. It retrains your immune system to react only to the truly dangerous antigens it encounters and NOT to the pollens, food proteins, bacteria, or chemicals that many of us react to. “Allergies” occur when our immune system overreacts to non-dangerous particles (or antigens) in our blood stream. This causes inflammation and autoimmune issues. Our immune systems are equipped with two branches; one of which is designed to train the rest of the immune system when and what to react to, and what NOT to react to. This branch of the immune system is comprised of “regulatory T cells.” LDI therapy basically up-regulates this branch of the immune system thereby creating more T regulatory (Treg) cells. Treg cells help train your body to not react to weed pollens, gluten proteins, etc. and instead only react to the truly dangerous antigens.

The big picture is that LDI therapy will make your immune system less reactive to non-dangerous antigens in your blood stream, ultimately leaving you with fewer symptoms (coughing, sneezing, cramping, bloating, headaches, wheezing, palpitations, etc.) and a freer lifestyle.

We also offer ALDI (Autologous Low Dose Immunotherapy). This is a unique and personalized antigen created specifically for the patient. We begin this process by doing an ultrasound on the patient’s vital organs. The sound waves cause a small detox. Immediately following the in-office ultrasound, the patient begins to collect urine and other mucosal samples with a provided kit. Once the patient has collected their samples and turned in the kit to our office, we create the customized antigen using special filters and methods. This process ensures the antigen is safe, but potent enough to maximize the benefits of this procedure. Your body is its own best medicine!

What is the process to receive LDI?

The first step is to come into our office for Autonomic Response Testing with our practitioner to determine what antigens your body is reacting to. After this, a treatment plan can be devised to address all of your antigens.

How is LDI administered?

LDI is administered via sublingual drops in our office every 4 weeks (depending on what you test positive for). Sometimes more than 1 antigen is needed to assist the body better.

Want more information?

Here are some videos that provide more details about LDI.

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