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Intravenous (IV) therapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream used to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies. Oral intake of such high doses is simply not possible due to absorption limitations from the digestive process. Patients can get up to 10 times the nutrients in one treatment as they could get orally in one day.

IV vitamin therapy is a safe and effective method of supporting the immune system during illness and stress, repleting nutrient deficiencies in patients with poor digestion (ulcerative colitis, food sensitivities, leaky gut, chronic diarrhea) and is a unique treatment option for patients with fibromyalgia. IV vitamin infusions are offered to established patients only. They take 30 minutes to 3 hours for a treatment.

Here are some of the nutrients commonly used in IV Nutritional Therapy:

  • Glutathion

  • Vitamin B5, B6, B12

  • Vitamin C

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

Here are some of the results of IV Nutritional Therapy:

  • Enhanced mood

  • Increased calmness and relaxation

  • Improved mental focus

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Improved energy

  • Decreased cravings

  • Increased pleasure

  • Balanced blood sugar

Here are some of the conditions that can be treated by IV Nutritional Therapy:

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Cancer Support

  • Chronic Pain

  • Neurotoxins

  • Dehydration

  • Heavy metal toxicity

  • Infections – Acute and Chronic

  • Lyme Disease

  • Malnutrition

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