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Welcome to Living Health

Living Health has provided the New Braunfels area with the best in holistic healthcare since 1993.
“Our mission is to help create a healthy lifestyle one person at a time.”

“Before coming to Living Health, I would have to nap 3 hours daily. I had joint swelling and pain, night sweats and severe fatigue for years. After I began custom LDI, in about 2 weeks I started to wake up again. Music made me happy again, I was able to help my kids with things and I enjoyed it.”


“I had such bad sinus infections and congestion for so long I forgot what it was like to be able to smell anything. After 2 dosings of my custom LDI, my sinuses are clear and I’m able to smell everything whether I like it or not.”


Patients at Living Health are greeted by friendly and intelligent staff. Wait times, if any, are short. I’ve experienced significant reduction in symptoms of seasonal and environmental allergies through nutritional and detoxication therapies. Those therapies have strengthened my immune system and removed environmental pollutants. I am so thankful this clinic is here!

T. T.

My daughter has been able to stay healthy for over three months. No flares with treatment  (LDI) which is a big deal for her . She is doing well in school .  Her coloring is better, seems more confident. Appears to have possibly gained some weight and height.


My son has decreased in tics significantly. His coloring is much better and the cough that he started off when we first saw you with went away. He was healthy for three full months and doing well.  He has tolerated every supplement that you have given him and that is a big deal.

L. Z.

My bloating is gone, allergies better, less acne , cold tolerance much better ,

better cycles.


My sleep has mostly improved, weight loss, less fatigue.


I was living in hormone hell. Every night I was having horrible night sweats. Due to my medical history, I am unable to utilize bio identical hormone therapy. I went in to see Leslie to see if there was anything that would help. She suggested Low Dose Immunotherapy. After my first treatment, my symptoms greatly imrpoved. After the second treatment, they were completely gone! My mood is balanced and so is my life! I am so grateful for LDI!!!

For the first time in several years, I’ve started to feel healthy again.



Our Clinical Staff are here to help you.

LESLIE TATUM, ACN, RMT, ARTHolistic Health Care Practitioner
Leslie has strived to bring the best of holistic health care to the New Braunfels community since 1993. Holistic health care looks at the person as a whole and not just the symptoms they are presenting. This type of health care supports the mental and physical structure of a person.


We offer an extensive list of services to help you find wellness and continue to live the healthiest life possible. We are always adding new services to benefit the New Braunfels community.