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PRP (often called "the vampire facelift") is a high concentration of your own blood including platelets and plasma containing fresh growth factors that restore and repair skin by stimulating collagen formation. These platelets are fragments of stem cells produced in the bone marrow. The growth factor proteins contained in platelets activate skin cell growth, initiate DNA skin cell repair and rejuvenate skin.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections for the Face or Scalp

PRP for the Face

PRP for the Scalp

Male or female patients that are experiencing hair loss may benefit from PRP injections in the scalp.  Much like PRP facial injections, PRP for the scalp stimulates the body's healing response.  This can cause an improvement in hair growth.  We recommend three treatments, six weeks apart.

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Why choose PRP injections for the face?

PRP can add volume to the upper face to achieve fuller cheeks. It can also be used to fill in lines around the mouth, the area in between eyebrows and above nose, on the chin, "smoker's lines" around the lips and the area under the eyes. PRP is a natural alternative to popular fillers used today such as Juvederm, Restalyne, and Voluma. Unlike these products which break down over time, PRP creates new cells, stimulates collagen production and natural hydronic acid which creates a longer lasting effect.


For best results we recommend a series of two treatments that are six weeks apart.


How long does PRP last?

Results can last up to two years.

Post Care Instructions for PRP

Growth factors from PRP release over 7 days, so it is important to avoid NSAIDs, aspirin (only if your doctor approves), and fish oils.


Post Care for all PRP Patients:

  • Do not rub the injection site for at least 3 days post procedure.

  • Use ice only on the injection site.

  • No overly warm or cold water on your skin.  Avoid a direct shower stream for 3 days post procedure.

  • Do not use any Vitamin A or any product containing retinols for 2 weeks.

  • Avoid the sun for at least 2 days post treatment.  You may resume using sunscreen (at least 30 SPF) the day after the procedure.  Consider using a hat or umbrella.

  • Avoid makeup in the treated area for at least one full day post procedure.

  • Men need to avoid shaving for one full day post procedure.

  • Avoid applying topical tanning products or spray tanning for 7 days.

  • If edema or bruising occur, try using topical and/or oral Arnica.


Post Care for PRP Scalp Injections:

  • Avoid direct sunlight for 2 days post procedure.

  • You may gently wash your hair with your normal shampoo.  

  • Avoid Monoxidil or hair growth serums for 2 weeks post procedure.

  • You may wear a hat anytime post procedure.

  • Avoid hot water and a direct shower stream for at least 2 days post procedure.

  • Do not use ice packs in the treatment area post procedure.