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Our philosophy is summed up in these words: Holistic, Integrative, Naturopathic and Respectful Humility. They are described below.


Holistic: We don’t focus on just fixing symptoms. Getting to the root of the problem is what’s most important. If we provide you with the support that your body needs to correct the problem that is causing the symptoms, then the symptoms leave on their own. To do this we need to look at the whole person, not just the possibilities. Often people will come in with several different symptoms which could mean a lot of different things. If we back up a little to get a broad perspective, the symptoms will all begin to point to one ailment. Our methods of available treatment currently include applied nutritional therapy, massage therapy, hydro-colon therapy, ozone therapy and Bio-Identical Hormones.


Integrative: One of the biggest accomplishments we have is that we are trained to help our patients create a therapy plan that involves the health of their whole body. We are unique because we are trained to integrate the best of body work, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), homeopathic and nutritional medicine.


Naturopathic:  Naturopathy is a process that believes in self-healing and the body’s ability to do so with little to no help. This can be supported with a variety of modalities instead of using synthetic, man-made drugs. The process of healing takes time and you must be committed to not simply just masking your symptoms.


Respectful Humility: There is no one else that knows your body better than you do. You also know how it responds to specific things. Our practice gives educated information. We never want to make mandates or insist upon a certain course of therapy. We are committed to you 100% and look forward to helping you achieve optimal health goals.


We now offer Medical Exams for the whole family.  Come to Living Health to find the best of both medical worlds...outstanding Medical Doctors combined with cutting edge Holistic Healthcare.  We look forward to helping you feel better.





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